Table of Contents of TLHG web site
Tintinhull History

Key dates time line
Dates, events and facts from 940AD to the 1980s - a time line document prepared by Mrs L Rosbottom  
Lost Saxon Charters and Tintinhull in Domesday - an analysis by F & C Thorn 2009 or Synopsis by E Lorch  

Historic Buildings and Structures

St Margaret's Church - A structural history by Jerry Sampson 2009
Distribution of Tintinhull's oldest houses
Old barns of Tintinhull - a 1970's survey with illustrations
Sketches of village buildings and views
Tour of the buildings in the centre of the village

Wells and water ways of the village (updated Aug 2008)
Welhams Mill


The Fields and Parish Boundary
Aerial views of the village and surrounding fields
Field surveys - Landscape archeology
Fields around the village
Great East Field according to Napper Map 1786
Land usage in 1839
Names of fields on historic documents including 17C manor survey and Tithe Map 1839
Northern parish boundary, West Field & East Field from the air
Social history
Changes in trades, names and other facts between 1851 and 1901 Census
Synopsis of history of gloving in Tintinhull
The Southcombe family- village benefactors
The Priddle and Beaton families
Barter family
The Napper family
Somerset & Dorset Notes and Queries v27 - History of the Nappers
The family chart


Historic Maps
poor map
Catalogue and selection of images of 18C-20C maps inc. Tithe Map
Historic Documents
A summary of the Tintinhull Latin Documents
Church Wardens Accounts. Cover nearly 250 years from 1432.
Church Register of Baptism, Marriage and Burials
Documents describing properties held in Tintinhull by Exeter College Oxford. C14 - 19C
Domesday Book. Tintinhull and the Normans
Lord Petre Estate. Survey of lands and property ca.1600
Manorial Court records 1586 - 1880
Valor of Montacute Abbey. Survey of lands held by the Abbey in 1301.


1838 Tithe
final tithe
The apportionment document  


Annotated list of internet sites for local history [ May 2007]

VCH 1700-1900 project working document. Download VCH document with 1700 to 1900 items highlighted.