The British Association for Local History produced an annotated list of internet sites for local history [all sites were current in May 2007]. This was published in vol 37 no3 August 2007. This was updated again in Nov. 2011.

The autor was Jacquelene Fillmore. The British Association for Local History produced an annotated list of internet sites for local history . This was published in vol 37 no3 August 2007 so is now over 10y old so many of the sites will no longer be available

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The autor was Jacquelene Fillmore. An abstract of the article may be available via their web site at


Annotated list of internet sites for local history [all sites were current May 2007]. The list was updated in vol 41 issue 4 of the Balh magazine (Nov. 2011) but is not available online.
 a family history online search site

1881 Pubs: a searchable directory of English pubs in the 1881 census

1901 census online: search over 32 million people living in England and Wales in 1901 and view images of the original census documents

24 Hour Museum: gateway to UK museums, galleries and heritage attractions.

Access to Archives (A2A): the A2A database contains catalogues describing archives held throughout England and dating from the 900s to the present day

Aftermath: an in-depth website on the First World War



AIM25: AIM25 is a major project to provide electronic access to collection level descriptions of the archives of over ninety higher education institutions and learned societies within the Greater London area. It is a work in progress.

Apothecaries: the official website of the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries of London

Archaeology Data Service: collects, describes, catalogues and preserves digital resources that are created as a product of archaeological research

Archaeology UK: ARCHI, the fully-searchable database of the positions of more than 85,000 UK archaeological sites; (a searchable UK place-name gazetteer); (an online glossary to find out more about people, places and technical terms used in history and archaeology books)

Archives Hub: a national gateway to descriptions of archives in United Kingdom universities and colleges

Archives Network Wales: contains standardised descriptions of the extent, type and scope of collections of documents held by Record Offices, universities and other bodies in Wales. It also provides links to further information and access details for the repositories. It is an index to sources rather than a source itself.

Association for Industrial Archaeology: the national organisation for people who share an interest in Britain's industrial past


BaedekerÌ­s Old Guide Books: maps of some of the county towns in Great Britain dated 1910

Battle of Britain Historical Society: a historical site via the Royal Air Force, providing historic photographs, official reports, detailed information, statistics and discussion of tactics

BBC (WW2 People's War): an archive of people's memories from World War Two


Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture: this collection relates to the history of film and visual media. There is an online catalogue and a virtual exhibition.


The Black Watch: website of The Royal Highland Regiment, which served The Crown from September 1739 to March 2006

Bletchley Park: official site of Bletchley Park, the National Codes Centre

British Association for Local History: an essential starting point for local history research via the full online indexes and abstracts of every article published from 1952 to date (and much else besides!)

Britannia History: a variety of resources covering key periods of British history, including biographies of Great Scots, historical maps, information about British monarchs and historical documents such as the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle; also contains a British history and Arthurian timeline

British Civil Wars: explores the turmoil of the Civil Wars and Interregnum, and the constitutional experiments of the Commonwealth and Protectorate period of the 1650s

British Empire: online exhibition from The National Archives about the making of the British Empire

British Government on the Web: an American site for visitors to Britain; including a list of links to British Government websites

British History Online: a very large and fast-growing digital library of text and information about people, places and businesses from the medieval and early modern period, built by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust

British Library: the website of the British Library from where you can search their catalogues (very valuable for checking any bibliographical details)

British Library manuscripts catalogue: use this website to search the main catalogues of the British Library's collection of Western manuscripts, covering handwritten documents of all kinds from pre-Christian, Classical, medieval and modern times

British Library newspaper catalogues: a searchable catalogue of all British newspapers held in The British Library's Newspaper Library at Colindale in North London

British Motor Manufacturers: histories of 1052 British motor manufacturers (with over 500 photographs) in business between 1894 and 1960, including those that never made it past the prototype stage

British Museum: the official website of the BM, packed with information

British Pathe News: here you can preview items from the entire 3500 hours of British Pathe Film Archive.

British Phone Books: a searchable database of British telephone directories 1880-1984

The British Postal Museum & Archives: the official website of the British postal service showing its history, exhibitions and collections; a pdf leaflet is also available showing how to trace ancestors who worked in the postal service up to the 1960s

Broadside Ballads: the Oxford University website of the Broadside Ballads project

BT Archives: includes details of access to the archive in London of telephone directories dating from the 1880s

BUBL Information Service: a link catalogue giving selected internet resources covering all academic subject areas, some of which are mentioned in this list

CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet: this site contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' and politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present

The Centre for the Study of Cartoons and Caricatures: online database of the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent.

Charles Booth: searchable web site of the life of Charles Booth and his survey into life and labour in London (1886-1903)

Christmas Truce 1914: this site aims to collate the many letters printed in UK regional papers from soldiers who took part in the famous Christmas Truce of 1914

Churchill Archives Centre: the Churchill Archives Centre is the home of the papers of Sir Winston Churchill and to over 570 collections of personal papers and archives documenting the history of his era and its aftermath

Civil Servants: run by the Institute of Historical Research, this site has a 'provisional' list of office holders in modern Britain

The Clergy of the Church of England: a developing resource documenting the careers of all Church of England clergymen between 1540 and 1835

Commonwealth Graves Commission: searchable site of the Commonwealth Graves Commission (see also below)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: French site (gives information on The Somme). It is also possible to gain access to the Commonwealth Graves commission from this site. Click 'Consult Commonwealth database' then 'Commonwealth War Graves Commission' then 'Debt of Honour Register'.

Cornucopia: an online database of information about more than 6,000 collections in the UK's museums, galleries, archives and libraries

Cromwell Association: the official site of the Cromwell Association and the Cromwell Museum, Huntingdon

Current Value of Old Money: a useful site giving links to tools and online resources, which enable the visitor to calculate the current value of 'old' money. For example, 'å£124.76 in the year 2002 has the same 'purchase power' as å£10 10s 0d in the year 1965'

Dictionary of National Biography: an outstanding website with over 55,000 biographies of individuals (there are public pages, but to access the biographies a subscription is required̳all county and borough library services and most universities subscribe, and access for their registered readers is normally free)

Dictionary of Victorian London: relates to many aspects of social conditions in London during the Victorian era.

Domesday Book Online: includes descriptions of life in the eleventh century, a glossary, place name origins, and much more

Early Manuscripts at Oxford University: provides access to over eighty early manuscripts now in institutions associated with the University of Oxford

Eighteenth Century Studies: a collection which archives works of the eighteenth century from the perspective of literary and cultural studies

English Catholic History: links to Catholic websites, which include reading lists for the Catholic faith since the Reformation (clearly a particular perspective is given!).

English Heritage Viewfinder: a searchable site from English Heritage providing a picture gallery and associated stories from 1840s to the present day

English Weights and Measures: claims to be 'the definitive internet resource for information on Imperial weights and measures'

Environment Agency: Water Framework Directive datasearch; categories include rivers, lakes, transitional waters, coastal waters, groundwaters and their risk assessments

Evanion Catalogue: a searchable catalogue of nineteenth century ephemera relating to Victorian entertainment and everyday life, a collection formed by Henry Evans (died 1905), a conjuror and ventriloquist who performed under the stage name 'Evanion'

FamilySearch: searchable database of millions of names made available by the Mormons (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints).

Fashion Era: a site dedicated to fashion with 630 richly-illustrated pages of fashion history, costume history, clothing, and social history

Films from the Home Front: brings together a collection of unique moving images illustrating what life was like for ordinary people in Britain during the Second World War, as seen through amateur documentaries, newsreels, government films, and home movies

Friendly Societies: A Self-help Edinburgh Lothians Fife (SHELF) website, giving details of friendly societies in that geographical area

Garden History Society: includes the online catalogue of the Garden History Society library collection

Gazettes Online: a searchable archive for the London Gazette, Belfast Gazette, and Edinburgh Gazette

Gazetteer of British Place Names: provides an exhaustive place-name index to Great Britain, containing over 50,000 entries, listing the historic county and the main present-day administrative areas in which each place lies

Genmaps: includes maps of most counties in Great Britain; Cambridgeshire maps, for example, date from 1575 to 1922

Great Britain Historical Database Online: large database of British nineteenth and twentieth-century statistics

Great Britain Historical GIS Project: a large integrated database of geographically-located historical statistics for Great Britain

Great Exhibition 1851: illustrations and information of the Great Exhibition

GreenwoodÌ­s Map of London 1827: online map of London 1827, with searchable list of places in London

Guildhall Library: links to categories within the Guildhall Library manuscript section

Hearth Tax: the website for the Roehampton Hearth Tax project, including maps, explanatory sections, details of publications and general information

Hidden Lives Revealed: a site is full of information, providing an intriguing encounter with children who were in the care of The Children's Society in late Victorian and early twentieth century Britain

Historical Directories: very valuable digital library of local and trade directories for England and Wales, from 1750 to 1919 (run by the University of Leicester)

History of the Monarchy: official website of the British monarchy

Historical Newspapers: creates a fascinating window on the past and provides valuable reference material for students of nineteenth- and twentieth-century history

History Online: houses over 40,000 records providing details of books and articles, UK university lecturers, UK current and past research, and evaluated links to web sites and online resources

History Today: the site of History Today magazine; archived articles that can be read via subscription or pay-per-view

Hospital Records: The National Archives database of hospital records.

Houses of Parliament: includes Hansard, Bills of Parliament, judicial work, a directory of MPs, peers and offices, committees, parliamentary publications and archives

Ian's English Calendar: enables the visitor to calculate feast days using the online ecclesiastical calendar, to work out days of the week, and to change regnal years into ordinary dating

Images of England: under the auspices of the National Monuments Record, a snapshot of England's listed buildings taken at the turn of the millennium

Imperial War Museum: links to Imperial War Museum sites around the country, giving information about the latest exhibitions.

Internet Library of Early Journals: a digital library (run by Oxford University) of some eighteenth and nineteenth century journals, run by Oxford University.

Institute of Historical Research: the official website of the Institute of Historical Research

Intute: Arts and Humanities: includes useful links for local historians.

Irish President: the official website of the President of Ireland.

IRQUAS: Irish Quaternary Studies Online Project: features web-based resources and discussion communities on such topics as the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Irish place-names, cartography, Irish settlement and agriculture studies

Labyrinth: an American site giving resources for medieval studies.

Lambeth Palace Library: includes subject guides and a searchable electronic catalogue, which is still a work in progress; a major and often overlooked archive repository.

Landscape History: Leicester University site showing links to sites relevant to landscape history

Local History Magazine

Local History Web Ring: links to sites run by local history groups.

London's Past Online: extensive, searchable database of publications on the history of London

Manorial Documents Register: lists the whereabouts of manorial records (excluding title deeds)

Manorial Bibliography/Vocabulary: Christopher Harrison's online manorial bibliography and vocabulary is an invaluable resource; lists printed editions of records; 1700 word technical vocabulary

Mapping the Realm: a project by Queen's University Belfast (funded by the British Academy) to create an interactive online version of the celebrated medieval 'Gough Map' of Great Britain.

Markets and Fairs Gazetteer: comprehensive listing, with full source referencing, of all markets and fairs in England and Wales to 1516, arranged by county and with analyses and introductory text 

Marxists Internet Archive: links to writings from the history of the British Isles, relevant to the development of socialist ideas and Marxism

Mass Observation: the Mass-Observation Archive specialises in material about everyday life in Britain. It contains papers generated by the original Mass-Observation social research organisation (1937 to early 1950s), and newer material collected continuously since 1981

Measuring Worth: This site enables you to calculate relative worth over time for US dollars (1790-2005) and British pounds (1830-2005)

Medieval English Towns: historical information about cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages, with particular emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history; some primary documents relevant to English urban history are included

Medieval towns in Britain - daily life: from food to fun, guilds to law and order, what life was like in a medieval town

Medieval Writing: introduction to the history of medieval writing, including the origins of our written culture, palaeography and the history of scripts, and the nature of literacy and the written word in the middle ages

Middle English Dictionary: a comprehensive analysis of lexicon and usage for the period 1100-1500

Millers and Millwrights Archive: shares records and history relating to traditional mills and milling, with digital images and documents as well as extensive databases of information

Modern Records Centre: based at Warwick University, this site includes subject guides and a searchable electronic catalogue

Moving Here: 200 years of migration to England, with photographs, recordings and documents

Mundus - Gateway to Missionary Collections in the United Kingdom: web-based guide to more than 400 collections of overseas missionary materials held in the United Kingdom

Museums Around the UK: links to museum websites from across the United Kingdom

Museum of English Rural Life: timeline showing the development of new technologies in farming from 1700-1914; online exhibitions from the Museum; online view of object collections in the Museum

Museum of Garden History: website with details of the museum, garden, activities and events

The National Archives: extremely important website of The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office) with numerous links to other sites within the TNA framework

The National Archives Learning Curve: page from The National Archives studying the varied life of British people between 1906 and 1918

The National Archives of Ireland: holds a wide variety of records relevant to Irish genealogy and local history (and beyond)

The National Archives of Scotland: and likewise, including much relating to England, Wales and Ireland as well

National Fairground Archive: website (and archive) devoted to the fairground industry and those who worked in it, based at Sheffield University

NetSurf: internet connection for medieval resources, including archaeology, architecture, art, civilisation, culture, drama, history, law, literature, music, people, religion, science and technology, and women

The Nineteenth Century: free access to an online catalogue of over 29,000 nineteenth-century works available on microfiche; allows you to search the largest and most important collection of nineteenth-century works for research and teaching

Office of Public Sector Information: official website which includes links to Acts of Parliament and legislation from 1988 onwards

Old Bailey Online: a fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at LondonÌ­s central criminal court 1674-1834

On This Day: useful web site from the BBC, which enables a search for news on a certain day from 1950-2002; can also be searched by year or by theme

Oral History: site run by the History Department of Essex University, with extensive information including guidelines on how to start in oral history

Palaeography: a practical online tutorial for reading old handwriting 1500-1800 created by the National Archives

Pastscape: this is the English Heritage National Monuments Record online inventory - a key source for any historic building or ancient monument

Project Gutenberg: this site is the oldest producer of free electronic books (eBooks or etexts) on the internet; they can be downloaded

Publications of the War: a site by Oxford University which includes digitised images of the whole run of The Hydra, the magazine produced by the patients resident at Craiglockhart Military Hospital during the First World War

Quaker Archives Database: a searchable database of the Society of Friends (Quakers) archives hosted by Leeds University

RASCAL: an electronic gateway to research resources in Northern Ireland; search and browse information about the wide range of collections held in libraries, museums and archives across the region

Roman Roads: shows how Roman roads were made with click-on links to maps of roads in each county and an enlarged map of main roads in Britain

Royal Historical Society Bibliography: a very useful site, probably the best online history bibliography, including publications by local and county societies

Royal Philatelic Society London: includes a brief history of the picture postcard

Rural Heritage Index: lists a selection of websites exploring the heritage of rural Britain

Salient Points: a single source for information, references, links, battlefield tourism, books and news on the First and Second World Wars

Sizes: this address takes you to the main index which gives dimensions of items under such headings as Built World, Food & Drink, Materials, Numbers, Times & Calendars, Units & Systems of Units

Spartacus History Site: don't be put off by the web address of this site-it holds a very large amount of information on British history and the two World Wars, which, although a little lightweight, can be very useful as signposts for research

Statistical Accounts of Scotland: scanned pages that can be looked at without subscription, including The Old Statistical Account (1791-1799) and the New Statistical Account (1834-1845); uniquely rich and detailed parish reports for the whole of Scotland, covering a vast range of topics including agriculture, education, trades, religion and social customs

Timeline of Britain in the medieval, Reformation and Restoration, and Empire periods: an annotated outline of historical events from 1066 to 1901

Transport Archive: tells the story of Britain's transport system since the eighteenth century, using several thousand images

UK Place Name Finder: a useful site allowing a free search on UK place-names; part of Archaeology UK.

UK Workhouses: outstandingly good site putting forward the history, geography, organisation and social conditions of the workhouses post-1834

Vernacular architecture: the Vernacular Architecture Group, the national body for research into historic vernacular buildings of all kinds; see also, which considers basic developments in English vernacular architecture using simple clear language 

Victoria County History: includes the VCH online library and articles on local history research

Victorian Times: digitisation project examining social, political and economic developments in Victorian Britain (1837-1901)

Vision of Britain: maps, statistical trends and historical descriptions of Britain 1801-2001

The WomenÌ­s Library: the library in London celebrates and records women's lives; searchable catalogue

World War Two Memories Project: exactly what the name suggests!

York History Net: great page with links to complete scanned electronic versions of old (out of copyright) editions of texts

Your Maps Online: maps available to download from all counties.


Selected library catalogues

COPAC: this site provides free access to the merged online catalogues of 24 major university research libraries in the UK and Ireland, together with the British Library and the National Library of Scotland.

HERO: the gateway to the academic libraries of the United Kingdom

UK Public Libraries Page: links to all public libraries in the United Kingdom that have a website.


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