Discovery projects

The following persons have volunteered to act as primary contacts and links for the subjects listed. Where possible they will hold copies and records for these subjects or details of where the information is to be found. Please contact them if you have information you wish to deposit or seek help. We also have a useful links page.


The following are the ongoing projects with the person to contact if you have information or wish to be involved. The projects are mostly open ended but the progress as of 2008 is summarised in our publication "Presence of the Past"




Historic buildings and structures

To record and photograph all historically significant village structures

Denny Robbins

The Fields Around

To map and record the landscape archeology around the village

Ed Lorch

The Church Cemetery

Record the structure and graves of the churchyard

Terry and Philipa Loughran


Collect oral history from the long time village residents. Borrow recording equipment

Contact tlhg

1839 Tithe Apportionment

1841 to 1901 Census data

Transcription of the Tithe apportionment .

Record and analyse census.

Steve Whitlock

The Wells and Waterways

Map and describe the village wells and waterways

Mike Robbins

The Napper Family

To produce a descriptive document detailing the family and its village holdings through the ages

A future project
Ed Lorch

Historic Maps and documents

To identify and collect copies of old maps and documents relating to the village and its surroundings.

Ann Leflufy


To identify and record all finds of historic interest, artifacts or natural, discovered around the village.

Ed Lorch

History of St Margaret's Church

Transcription of the manuscript prepared by Mrs Lorna Rosbottom in 1989. This includes extracts from the Church warden accounts and many other comments and facts about the village. Down load whole 80 page document as pdf file here

Ray & Hilary Cozens

Church Wardens Accounts

Thee most complete set of Accounts in the Diocese of Bath & Wells. 1432 to 1672

Ed Lorch


The Limes in late 1880s