The tithe apportionment allows one to analyse the usage of the land in the parish in the 1830s. The apportionment principal descriptions for fields are arable meadow, orchard and pasture. Mention is also made of other usage such as withy or rookery. The centre of the village was almost entirely orchard, presumably for cider apples. Meadows were mostly close to streams or rivers. No woodland is indicated. An analysis made by Julie Wallace in the 1950s gives a good idea of the distribution of field types ca 1838 although it would appear that the fields coloured green should in fact be designated as meadow.

 The group is currently re-analysing usage and preliminary information can be viewed for the central portion of the parish. Click on the centre of the map below to view results so far (pointer will chage to a hand for region covered), else click here..

Land use 1838