Manorial Court Records.

Court rolls intermitingly exist for the manor of Tintinhull from 1586 to 1649. Thereafter ledgers cover the period up to last court of 1880.

The 1586/7 rolls are held at the Devon records office ( ref 123m/m108/9) . All others are held by the Somerset Records Office (DD/X/HO). Up until 1662 the rolls were in latin. The Tintinhull Local History Group commenced a programme of translation of the latin documents in 2008. This transcription and translation was undertaken by Dr. Matt Tompkins of Leicester University who also instructed us on their interpretation.

According to Matt Tompkins, Tintinhull's court was an unusual one - it was not only a basic manor court (alias Court Baron or petty court), combined twice a year with a View of Frankpledge (alias Court Leet or Lawday), but was also a Hundred court, so that some of the individuals and matters recorded in it would have come from outside the parish of Tintinhull. This may also explain the unusually large juries - they may contain twelve jurors from Tintinhull plus more from the other tithings.

1586/7. Tyntenhull Law Day and View of Frankpledge with --- Hundred and Court of the Manor there held the xvth day of October in the Year of the Reign of our lady Elizabeth, by the grace of god of England, France, and Ireland Queen defender of the faith, the 28th [ie 28 Elizabeth, = 15 October 1586].


1612 -23. This section starts with Lawday, View of Frankpledge and Court of John, lord Petre, lord of the hundred and manor, 22 Oct 10 Jas [1612] . Highlights only extracted, please note the translation policy at the beginning of the document.

Others in process of translation. Feb 2009


The 1586 Court Roll 1586 roll