Day and Masters map of Somerset 1782

The Day and Masters' map of 1782 is on a scale comparable to the 1" Ordnance Survey map, and therefore may show individual properties.

Tithe Maps

Tithe map with land ownership and tenants.


Low quality microfiche image of draft map.

Final Map (30Mb)

Village centre only from final good quality map.

Colourfull map of land ownership, tenant and field names. (Flora Wragg 2017)

Edward Napper Estate 1777


Collage of sections

Bearley Farm 1787 Whole map

John Napper Estate 1786

Extracts and complete map

Regression maps Superimposition of Napper map on OS and tithe maps

OS 1887

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Parish boundary

Extract from OS

Exeter College Oxford property 1806

Low resolution image of map. For larger image contact tlhg@mac.com