The Tithe Apportionment of 1839.
The original hand written document has been transcribed by members of the Discovery team. This is a useful starting point for village research as it allows  the population of the village, land usage, ownership and other features to be analysed as they were at a single point of time ( 1830s). With this transcription and the census of subsequent years it should be possible to show, for the majority of the population, exactly who lived where through the remainder of the century. View the DRAFT below.

Link toTintinhull Tithe Apportionment Document.

The Tithe Maps


The full 1839 Tithe Map (30Mb) is available here

Dont want to download 30Mb? Village centre sections of the final Tithe Map are available here.


The draft Tithe map of 1839 .

This copy was made from microfiche which limited the quality of reproduction.
Enlarge the map to identify the apportionment number of the property of interest. Details of the property together with owner and occupier can then be obtained from the Tithe transcription.

Land usage at the time of the tithe apportionment                                             Information on the tithe apportionment allows us to analysis land use around the village in the 1830s. This was first done by Julie Wallace in the 1950s and is being looked at again by the group.
Ann Leflufyâs preliminary examination already shows some distinctive features such as the entire centre of Tintinhull was orchard at this time. You can view both sets of analaysis here.