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The account of William Trott and Roger Barone churchwardens of the Parish of Tintinhull from the Sunday next after the feast of Easter in the year of God 1604 untill the said Sunday in the Year of our Lord God 1605 being one whole year which account was made and yealded up the said Sunday in the said year 1605 in the manner and form as followeth that is to say

The Receipts

Imprimus the said accountants doe charge themselves with the receipts of xiiijs for the rents of the moor droves for one whole year they say
They do further charge themselves with the receipt of 4s for the old communion book which they sold with the condecent of the inhabitancies they say…..
They also received xx the which was bequeathed unto the said church by Thomas Browne lately deceased
Further more they charge themselves with the right of 22s 7d which they gathered at the rate of a farthing each acre as followeth

The whole sum of receipts is Liis iijd
The inhabitants
Imprimus of Thomas Picher ijd
Of John Browne xijd
Of William Osler xiiijd
Of John Bamton xiijd ot
Of Shymsonne Tucker xd
Of George Browne xd
Of John Mabert jd
Of Andrew ?rapsyon jd
Of Thomas predell vjd
Of John Hopkins xxd
Of William Allye jd
Of Elizabeth Browne ixd ot
Of Thomas Hopkins ijs ijd
Of Willm Smyth xjd
Of roger Browne xd ot





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Of John Predell vijd
Of Willm Trott vijd
Of John Wilkins vd
Of John Meaker viid
Of Alice Dollinge widow xjd
Of Ambrose Bishop xiijd
Of Robert ? racha tes iijd
Of Willm Jeanes jd ot
The demaynes
Of Thomas Goodin vijd ot
Of Thomas Rayes vd
Of Willm Pollman iijd ot
Of Edward Br_ ayne iijd
Of John Axe jd
Of Robert Goodin jd
Of John Jeanes snr ijd
Of John Chamber jd ot
Of Wm Parsondes iijd
Of Willm Jordanne vd
Of Willm ?Banor ijd
Of John Banor iijd
Of John Jeanes jnr jd ot
Of Richard Browne ijd
Of Willm Rodbord ijd
Of John Brayne jd ot
Of Willm Chaffye iijd
Of Phelepe Wagett iiijd ot
Of Nicholas Gooden viijd
Of John Axe vid

The said ackomptants crave allowance as followeth that is to saye

Imprimus Layd out for Bred and wine against Whitsunday xiijd
Paid against Christmas for bread and wine ijsd jd ot
More for bread and wine when Ambrose Bishop
wife and others received the communion iijd ot






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Item Payd out for bread and wine when Thomas Hopkins wife and Thomas Brownes wife received the communion with others iijd
Also paid out for bread and wine against easter iiijs iid
Item paid unto John Wilkins constable for and towards the relief of the hospital and maimed soldiers
Item Paid unto Forde of Elchester for one rope for the therd bell ijs iiijd
Item paid unto Gilbord of mintayne for one rope for the little bell ijs vjd
Item paid unto Saunders of frome for ij bowderres for the fourth bell
And the other for ye third bell iijs ijd
Item Paid for two books the one the communion book and the other called the book of cannons jxs jxd
Item paid unto John Mabert for the making and setting of a dixte upon the wall betwixte the church and the chancel to lay the bible thereupon vd
Item paid for the mendinge of a bawdwe jd
Item xxth day of September payd out at the visittion holdin at Somerton iiijs
That is to say for the making of the bill viijd and laying in of the said bill iiijd and for denners iijs
Item in the month of auguste paid out at the visitation holden at Somerton for the diet paid xvjd
Item the xxviiith of September laid out at the visitation holden
at Somerton being Sideman there paid for our denner there xijd
Item paid for the washing of the surplices ijd
And for the washing of the tablecloth jd
Paid for a headpeace and a barre for more gate and joining of it together viijd