Extant of Montacute Priory in 1301

includes land in Tintinhull

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Written in medieval Latin they describe land held by the Abbey Of Montacute in 1301. The lower part of image 4 describes lands held in Tyntenhulle. It is unfortunately rather damaged but certain detail describing the number of cottagers, ferlongs etc can still be read.

The following comments were made by
Dr R Haines

Montacute was NOT an abbey but an alien priory dependent on the abbey of Cluny. Many of the alien priories suffered confiscation as a consequence of the prolonged war with the ‘enemy’ France. Hence some were ‘denizened’. Montacute, founded c. 1102, was denizened in 1407 [used as a re-foundation date] and surrendered to Henry VIII’s commissioners in 1539, when the prior and sixteen monks received pensions.
The document in question is a Valor the headings of which are on the left hand side, clearly visible in the case of Thorne (page 4): easement of the house, herbage, dovecot, arable land, meadow, pasture,  [placita?] pleas? and perquisites, free tenants, villeins. Some of these titles are visible in the Tintinhull entry (lower portion page 4) which follows.
The latter probably begins … … manerium de Tyntenhulle pertinet ad predictum prioratum et valet aysiamenta domus per annum …  summa? xiii s. iiii [vii?] denarios [13s. 4d? these amounts are unclear]. There follow the various amounts paid for rents of virgates, furlongs etc. of arable land for for service dues (pro serviciis). There are no names of holders, merely the annual sums paid.
Incidentally in the c.1291 Taxatio Ecclesiastica [pp. 197b, 200], the pension paid to the prior from the church was stated to be 13s. 4d. and its value p.a. £16. This Taxatio was the basis for taxation until Henry VIII’s Valor Ecclesiasticus.
Have a look a VCH, Montacute cartulary in Som. Rec. Soc. 8 (1894) & Dugdale, Monasticon.


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