Tintinhull has a long history, and the research undertaken by the group has revealed much to interest the occasional enquirer or the dedicated scholar alike.

Please enjoy a journey through the following pages, and always contact us if you think you can assist our research into this historically important village, or in any of our other activities. We are here to assist you in navigating the website or in finding what you are looking for.

In the Winter, members take part in social meetings, often covering topics of more general historical interest. In the better weather members are encouraged to take part in activities which may include, for instance, an archaeology project in the village, or a visit to one of our older houses, or an outing further afield.

Our previous website had evolved over several years resulting in design inconsistencies and lack of modern styling. Accordingly this new website has been launched to address those issues and at the same time provide us with the opportunity to review and update the content which will be added from time to time.