The name of the society shall be “Tintinhull Local History Group” abbreviated as TLHG.

To promote an interest in Local History and provide a forum for that interest.
To maintain local archives for future access and to feed the County Archives.
To research historical events and reminiscences associated with Tintinhull and its surroundings.
To record old Tintinhull buildings, fields and historic artifacts by measurement and photographs.
To take oral histories, record evidence of the social development and document ongoing developments in Tintinhull.
To promote lectures and outings to places of historical interest.
To liaise with other local and county local history societies.

The Group shall be managed by a committee consisting of seven officers and not more than four other elected members. The officers of the Group shall be

The Chairperson
The Secretary
The Treasurer

The Programme Secretary
The Membership Secretary
The Webmaster
The Archivist

Plus, four persons elected from the membership
A quorum of the committee shall be not less than Four persons which must include two Executive officers.
The Management Committee may co-opt any member of the Group onto the Committee.

Officers and Members of the committee shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.  The Officers and Members of the Committee will hold office for two years at a time.  Nominees must have given their consent and shall be proposed and seconded.  In the event of a tied vote the Chairperson shall have a further (casting) vote.

Membership shall be open to any person who is in sympathy with the aims of the Group.  There shall be two types of membership, ordinary and life.  To vote at the Annual General Meeting members must be over the age of eighteen. The subscription shall be payable annually, by 31 October, as decided by the Committee.  Additionally, Ordinary Members & Visitors will pay fees for attending each meeting as decided by the Committee.  Subscriptions & Fees will be notified to Ordinary Members at the beginning of September, to tie in with the end of the financial year.  These fees may vary IF there are additional expenses for specific meetings.  All fees include an entitlement to light refreshments.

Persons under the age of 18 years or in full time education will pay no subscription. Life membership may be offered to any member who in the view of the management committee has given outstanding service to the group. No subscription is due from life members. Priority for events with limited attendance shall be given to members.

The Annual General Meeting of the Group shall be held in October.  The financial year shall end on 31 August annually.  Independently inspected accounts are to be presented at the following Annual General Meeting.

An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Management Committee or by a requisition signed by not less than six members.

In the event of the Group being wound up for any reason any funds remaining after all debts have been settled shall be disposed of by the Management Committee.  The Committee shall bear in mind the Aims of the Group and shall be guided by these aims when deciding on the disposal of any remaining funds.

The above Structure and Constitution of the Tintinhull Local History Group was approved at the Annual General Meeting on the 26 October 2022