Monumental Inscriptions

The Memorial Inscriptions in St Margaret of Antioch’s Church in Tintinhull have been surveyed and updated at least three times for which we have records.

The most recent survey was made by Geoff Eisenhauer in 2020 – 21.  You can find these records using the link here.   The database is searchable.  Each individual record includes information from the parish records if any.  There are photos of each memorial where one exists with the exception of those inside the church.  You can also find the location of most of the memorials by clicking on the ‘See location’ link in the last column.

Note that there is a link just below the heading to other pages.  Page 2 has a location map using a satellite image for the memorials.  To freeze the map you need to click on ‘Proceed’ at the blank that replaces it.  Once you have done this you can click on any of the pins to see the details.  Page 3 has some statistics in chart form.

The earlier survey  was prepared by Pat Knight and Sheila Gane, of the Yeovil Archaeological Society, 1979–81.  There were 282 memorials surveyed dating from 1416 to 1980.  The inscriptions were recorded and a churchyard plan  drawn.  These were checked, amended and added to by Sir Mervyn Medlycott in 1998, who typed and indexed the information. An index to these is available by clicking on the link here.  You can also see the churchyard  plan by clicking on the link.  The plot numbers from the survey are not shown on the plan.

The plan by Pat Knight and Sheila Gane shows that they did not include six upright stones fixed to the north exterior wall of the chancel, given here as nos.145–151, nor any stones to the west of the church tower, which have been added up to 1980 (given here as nos. 152–262); –nor any interior memorials (given here as nos. 263–284). Their copies were checked in May 1998 and some corrections made, and some additional material added. Any queries have been checked with the burial registers, 1561 – 1910 at Somerset Records Office (now Somerset Heritage Centre). All these corrections and additions for nos.1–144 are typed here in italics.

The original records made by Pat Knight and Sheila Gane are held by the Yeovil Archaeological Society.

The copies here are condensed down to genealogical abstracts, giving all information in a concise form. Exact wording is however given where appropriate in double inverted commas, in a few instances with obliques ‘/’ indicating the ends of lines. The term ‘PR’ means the entry has been checked at the Record Office.