26). Chest Tomb
North panel: “Sacred to the memory of/ Hugh FRANCIS/ who departed this life 19th day of/ November 1853, aged 71 years/
Also of Hugh/ son of the above named Hugh Francis/ and Elizabeth his wife/ who departed this life the 8th. day of/ June 1851, aged 26 years/
Also Elizabeth/ wife of the above named Hugh Francis/ who died May the 22nd. 1874/ aged 74 years” (PR: aged 73).
East panel: “Also of Mary/ their daughter/ who died Jan: 24th. 1916?/ aged 75 years/
Also of John Francis/ their son/ who died Jan: 29th. 1915/ aged 79 years”.
West panel: “In loving memory of/ my dear husband/ William John Francis/ third son of John Francis/ who fell asleep Oct: 18th. 1928/ aged 51 years”.

27). Headstone.
“Here lyeth the body of/ Joan, the wife of / CLARK, who died the 16th./ day of May Anno: Dom: 1690?” (further lines illegible) (PR: not found; stone rechecked, but believe correctly recorded)

28). Headstone.
“In memory of George ROW/ and Ann his wife who died/ both in 1752 (PR: George Row, buried 16 May 1752; Ann Row, buried 29 Sept 1752)/
Also Mary wife of Henry/ GOLLEDGE (PR: GULLIDGE) and daughter/ of ye above, who died Sep: 19/ 1777, aged 67/
Also Henry husband/ to ye said Mary Golledge/ who dyd Apl: 28, 1804, agd 84 (PR: Gullidge)”.

29). Headstone.
“wife and mother” Ella Mary FRANCIS, died 8 March 1970, aged 68. Vase: “From Betty, Jo, Lula, Hazel”.

30). Headstone.
Joseph FRANCIS, died 6 Dec 1955, aged 74.
And his wife Annie M. Francis, died 2 June 1956, aged 72.

31). Coffin–shaped coped stone.
“In memory/ William Robert TAYLOR/ who died18–2 (PR: buried 6 April 1872, aged 70).

32). Coffin–shaped coped stone.
“………./ wife of William Robert/ TAYLOR/ who died ……../ years” (PR: Mary Taylor, buried 29 April 1865, aged 56).

33). Headstone.
James MANLEY, died 30 April 1878, aged 57.
And his wife Betsey, died 27 July 1909, aged 85.
Also their son, James William Manley, died 16 May 1860, aged 2 years.
Also Lydia Manley, died 26 June 1867, aged 79.
Also James Manley, died 15 Feb 1869, aged 84 (PR: aged 85).

34). Headstone.
Charlotte MANLEY, died 13 April 1916, aged 60.
And Mary Ann Manley, died 15 March 1924, aged 69.

35). Headstone.
William BAKER, born 21 March 1849, died 7 Jan 1899.
And his wife Mary born 10 Aug 1848, died 3 March 1905.

36). Cross.
‘my friend’ Maud RIVERS, died 18 Dec 1973.

37). Headstone.
Lucy May ALLEN, daughter of Alfred and Agnes Allen, died peacefully 17 Oct 1900, aged 8 years.
Also Agnes Allen, wife of Alfred Allen, died peacefully 17 Oct 1911, aged 63.

38). Headstone.
Mary, wife of John READ, died 11 Nov 1819, aged 43.
And the said John Read, died 29 Jan 1833, aged 75.
Also Betsey, daughter of the above John Read and Betsey his wife, died “in her infancy”

39). Chest Tomb.
North panel: “In memory of Mrs: Mary CASE?, late of M–––-/ in the county of Surrey, affectionate/ and sincere friend, who departed this life/ February 1806, aged 66 years (PR: Mary CASE, buried 22 Feb 1806)”.
South panel:”William ……/ (one line illegible)/
Also William POOLE, husband of the above/named Sarah Poole, who died September 30th/ 1866, aged 82 years/
Also of Louisa, widow of above, who died/ November 30, 1875, aged 69 years” (PR: William Poole, of Martock, buried 6 Oct 1866, aged 83; and Louisa Poole, of Martock, buried 7 Dec 1875, aged 70).
West panel: “Also to the memory of/ William Tatchell Henry/only son of the before named/ William and Sarah Poole, who/ died at Lenton, Victoria/ Australia, April 1853, aged 30/
Also Harriet Tatchell, only/ remaining daughter of the/ above named William and Sarah/ Poole and wife of Walter Winter/WALTER, Esqr: who departed this/ life August 13th. 1855, aged 50?/ Her mortal remains were deposited in Stoke churchyard”.
East panel: traces of an inscription, now illegible

40). Kerb.
Frances LOOK, died 9 Oct 1948.

41). Chest Tomb
North panel: blank.
South panel: “Here lieth the body of Thomas BR–––– / was buried the 1– day of April/ Ano: Dom:? 16–2?/ et anno aetatis suae 31”.
West panel: “Here also lieth the body/ of Mr: Thomas BROWN, son/ of Thomas Brown, who/ died the 15th. day of Septemb/ Ano: Dni: 1672, aged 67/ And here lieth the body of/ Thomas Brown, son of the/ above sd: Thomas Brown and/ grandson of T remainder below ground)”.
East panel: “Here lieth ye body of/ Mr: Thomas BROWNS/ senr: who departed this life/ Novem: ye 21, 1752, in ye 60th./ year of his age/ Also …….the body of Mary? / wife of Thomas Browne, senr:/ who departed this life……/ aged 77?”

42). Chest Tomb
North panel: blank
South panel: “Here lieth ye body of Thomas, son of Thomas/ and Mary BROWNE, who departed this life Decemb: ye 10th. 1747, aged 28 years/….Philip w(ho?) ….” (disappears beneath ground).
West panel: “Here lieth the body of Philip/ son of Richard? & Mary Ann/ who departed this life Septem: –– 17––/ aged 5? years”
East panel: “Here lieth ye body of/ Charles……./ who departed this life / grandson of Thomas/ (one line illegible)/..1743?/” (PR: not traced, rechecked stone, but believe correct)

43). Flatstone, within Kerb and Iron Railings.
fragments (“Mary ” “James”, 4 lines later, “1812, aged –1”). (PR: cannot identify)

44). Stump of Headstone

45). Stump of Headstone

46). Headstone.
“Here lieth ye bo/dy of Elizabeth ye/ wife of John TAYLOR/ of Mudford & d’ter of George & Susanna/ BROWN of this p’ish who died May ye 7th?/ 1724 aged (PR: buried 13 May 1724)/
Here also ye body/ of John ye son of/ John & Elizabeth/ Taylor, who died ye/ 22nd. of April 1724/ in ye –– yeare of his age (PR: buried 29 April 1724)” (4 lines of verses).

47). Headstone.
Maude Alexandra TAVENER, died 12 Dec 1974, aged 81.

48). Kerb.
“husband and father” Joseph TAVENER, died 22 Dec 1959, aged 81.

49). Headstone.
18th.C. mostly illegible “Here lieth ye body of Thomas/ ………..the/S………. HOOPER/…..”

50). Headstone.
David, husband of Elizabeth H. FORD, died 23 Oct 1908, aged 61.
And his wife, Elizabeth Helen, died peacefully 26 March 1941, aged 87
Also her sister, Mary Jane ROSSITER, died 16 Sept 1937, aged 79.